Journal day 1:10 things that make you really happy!!

My favourite car 

One of the thing that make me happy is buying my future car that is Lamborghini Hurucan.That is one of the faster car ever made in the world.Eventhoungh it is so expensive but I will keep constant with my future.

My favourite food.

l like to eat spicy nasi goreng with 'Ikan bilis'.This food makes me happy forever in my life .

My favourite bike.

The bike that I like the most is Duggati super bike because it is most fastest and classy car ever made by Duggati team.

My favourite career.

 The career I like the most is to be a doctor in my future.It is because I like to do social services such as help somebody who needs our help,finding cures for many kinds of diseases.

My favourite role model.

My favorite role model is to be a football player one day like Cristiano Ronaldo.

My favourite  smart phone.

The favourite smart phone is iPhone 6s Plus,I like the phone some much because so many features that I cannot imagine.The is the most recent thing I am willing buy.

My favourite smart watch

My favourite smart watch is Apple Watch and Samsung gear 2 because it is very convenient and also easy to use.





Journal 2:something about myself that makes me really proud of.

Things about myself that makes really proud of is when I get solved one question about maths that asked by my tuition teacher.One day my tuition teacher ask one question about maths and no other students were dare to answer the question.Finally i hands up and answer the question. Unfortunately my answer was correct and all students were stand up to appreciate my braveness.This is the thing that makes me really happy.

Journal Day 3:Five places that i really want to visit and why.

Old trafford.

This place is located at united kingdom,England and it also well known as manchester united stadium.I really want to visit this place because it is my most favourite place that i wanting to visit and that also one of the beautiful stadium in the world.


I like this place because it is one of the country that won world cup 2012 and it also very intresthing to visit this place.


It is located at UAE. I chose this place because it is one of the richest country in world and i also willing to BURJ KHALIFA,it also well known as tallest bulding in the world